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From Seattle to New York City and San Diego to Washington, D.C., along with several communities in
Florida have all committed to Vision Zero. So what makes a Vision Zero City? One that meets the
following minimum criteria:

  • A clear goal of eliminating traffic fatalities (zero) and severe injuries has been set

  • The Mayor has publicly, officially committed to Vision Zero

  • A Vision Zero plan or strategy is in place, or the Mayor has committed to doing so in clear time frame

  • Key city departments (including police, transportation and public health) are engaged.

Pensacola is not a vision zero city right now
And we need to change that

With a commitment to Vision Zero, Pensacola would have a clear goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roadways among all users.


That goal would help to drive infrastructure improvements like traffic
calming, protected bike lanes, raised crosswalks and many other measures to slow cars and create safe space for people and cyclists.


Vision Zero would also make roads safer for automobile drivers as well.


vision zero

Image by Isaac Quesada

What can you do?

Pensacola’s recently-passed Active Transportation Plan is a blueprint for a more walkable-bikeable city, and it recommends that the City endorse Vision Zero.

Please write to the Pensacola City Council and Mayor Reeves and ask them to endorse Vision Zero:

A call for
Vision Zero

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